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51 MAJ US AIR FORCE WORLD WAR II, KOREA, VIETNAM March, Richard William (I00962)
52 Masol Guin
[Masol O O'Guin]

Date of Birth:
5 Aug 1920

Birth Place:
Waverly, Tennessee, USA

Source Location:
Westland, Michigan, USA

Daniel Dear

Carolyn J. (Gene) Spennato, Janet A. (Donald) Hart and Judith J. (Alan) Rickert

Full Obituary:
Memorial for Masol O. O'Guin Born in Waverly, TN on Aug. 5, 1920 Departed on Sep. 13, 2003 and resided in Milford Twp, MI. Visitation: Monday, Sep. 15, 2003 Service: Tuesday, Sep. 16, 2003 Cemetery: Mt. Hope Cemetery Please click on the links above for locations, times, maps, and directions. Beloved wife of the late Daniel L. Dear mother of Carolyn J. (Gene) Spennato, Janet A. (Donald) Hart and Judith J. (Alan) Rickert. Also survived by 7 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren.  
Mallard, Masol (I12718)
53 MCDONALD, Mrs. Freda Jane O'GuinAge 72 of Linden. May 13, 2013. Preceded in death by her parents, David and Pauline O'Guin. She is survived by her husband, Bill McDonald; two sons, Scott McDonald of Martin, TN and Steve McDonald of Frederick, MD; five grandchildren; two great grandchildren. Service 11 a.m., Wednesday May 15, 2013. O'Guin, Freda Jane (I15350)
54 Military: SA, US Navy, Korea O'Guin, Robert Joseph Sr (I08774)
55 NameCora Isabell CONLEY
d/oMurney Peter CONLEY / Arvilla Arilla BROWN
b15 Mar 1920Michigan
d8 Feb 1975Warren Macomb Michigan
bur12 Feb 1975White Chapel Cemetery Troy Michigan
m6 Nov 1937
toLeland O'GUIN
s/oEdgar O'GUIN / Mary Evelyne BLACKWELL
b24 Apr 1907Cobal Tennessee
d12 Sep 1995Macomb Hospital Center Warren Macomb Michigan
bur15 Sep 1995White Chapel Cemetery Troy Michigan 
Conley, Cora Isabel (I07045)
56 O'QUINN, Augustus H., 17, to Sarah WARDLAW, 18, at house of John O'Quinn and by his consent, all of Union County, on November 30, 1855 by J. D. SIMS, JP. (DB A-271)

Source: http://www.argenweb.net/union/neal_parris.html 
O'Gwynn, Augustus H (I02091)
57 Obituaries for August 2, 2013
Friday, August 2, 2013

Dyersburg State Gazette

Master Sgt. James Kyle O'Guin, 40, of Farmington MI, formerly of Winchester, KY. He was active in the US Air Force working in 318RCS. Kyle passed away July 30. He is survived by his wife Amy Dyson O'Guin and his two children Elizabeth Riley O'Guin, David Kyle O'Guin of Farmington MI. He is also survived by his parents, James Riley and Bettie Owens O'Guin of Winchester; two sisters Selna L. O'Guin, Cara O'Guin Lundy; two nieces, Kelsey R. Baber, Amelia G. Lundy; one nephew Julian W. Lundy; Mother-in-law Kathleen J. Griffin and Father-in-law David E. Dyson. Visitation will be Saturday, August 3, 2013 at the Rolan G. Taylor Funeral Home, 289 South Main St., from 11 am to 1 pm with a memorial service at 2 pm at the First Presbyterian Church on 130 Windridge in Winchester with full Military Honor. Memorials can be made to Karmanos Cancer Institute, 4100 John R St., Detroit, MI 48201 -- 1-800-527-6266.  
O'Guin, James Kyle M\SGT (I11717)
58 Occupation 1870: Carpenter O'Guin, Newton W (I00636)
59 Occupation 1920: Cigar Salesman, Cooper Bldg, downtown Denver, Colorado O'Guin, Benjamin Lee (I09537)
60 Occupation 1920: RR Car repair
Occupation 1930: House carpenter 
Smith, Walter Scott (I13610)
61 Occupation in 1900: Farmer
Occupation in 1910: Farmer
Occupation in 1920: Farmer 
O'Gwyn, John H (I02090)
62 Occupation in 1910: Butcher
Occupation in 1920: Butcher
Occupation in 1930: Butcher 
Ramsey, Rufus Addison (I02646)
63 Occupation in 1910: Farmer
Occupation in 1920: Railroad 
Wray, John Eli (I08101)
64 Occupation in 1910: Farmer O'Guin, Frank (alias William Nance Brooks) (I00157)
65 Occupation in 1913: Driver O'Guin, Samuel William (I01622)
66 Occupation in 1913: Electrician O'Guin, Cecil Bowen (I01232)
67 Occupation in 1917: Stenographer O'Guin, Sallie Sara M (I00590)
68 Occupation in 1917: Teacher O'Guin, Alma A (I00583)
69 Occupation in 1918: Migrant farmer Horner, Robert Lee (I00940)
70 Occupation in 1920: Farmer
Occupation in 1930: Fireman on Railroad
Occupation in 1940: None listed
Occupation in 1951: Manager of the Dari Bell, Norwalk, Ohio 
O'Guin, PEARL Benjamin (I00006)
71 Occupation in 1920: Farmer O'Guin, JOHN William Pvt (I00021)
72 Occupation in 1920: Manager of a Sanitarium O'Guinn, Leroy R (I07673)
73 Occupation in 1926: Sales clerk Chandler, Jessie May (I10443)
74 Occupation in 1930: Carpenter O'Guin, Lester Bryan (I13452)
75 Occupation in 1930: Oilfield scout
Occupation in 1940: Merchant 
O'Gwyn, John Hardy Jr (I10111)
76 Occupation in 1930: Porter in a Barber shop Marshal, Margaret (I07217)
77 Occupation in 1930: Porter in a candy company
Occupation in 1940: Custodian in Post Office 
O'GUIN, John Augustus (I02118)
78 Occupation in 1930: Vacuum cleaner salesman O'Guin, Leland Eugene (I04442)
79 Occupation in 1940: Cabinet maker O'Guin, Garold Ralph "Dick" (I00145)
80 Occupation in 1940: Carpenter Gore, Ludie Victory (I06470)
81 Occupation in 1940: Porter in Hotel O'GUIN, Thomas "Tom" Edward (I07216)
82 Occupation in 1940: Road construction, WPA O'GWYNN, John (cousin) (I10309)
83 Occupation in 1940: Truck Driver O'GUINN, Carl (I15396)
84 Occupation in 1940: Trucker

Was Incarcirated for HOMICIDE-MURDER,SECOND DEGREE Michigan State Prison. Offence occured Feb. 24,1956 Detroit,Mi. Killed a woman named Kate Discharged: Aug. 17,1969
Dabbs, Willard Glenn (I12624)
85 Occupation in 1944: B&O Railroad
O'Guin, John Monroe (I01369)
86 Occupation in 1948: Barber O'Guin, Arthur Jefferson (I00911)
87 Occupation in 1954: Autoworker, Buick Co O'Guinn, Coy N (I01669)
88 Occupation in 1954: USAF

April 14, 1966 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Major Adam B O'Guin, Jr, target planning officer at the Air Defense Command Directorate of Tactics and Training has received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star and his seventh Air Medal for service in Viet Nam. All three awards were presented Monday by Lt. Gen. Herbert B. Thatcher.

Maj. O'Guin received the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying his RB-57E aircraft on classified reconnaissance mission at high speed and low altitude, in total darkness, over mountainous terrain, and in an area of known hostile forces ground fire.

The pinpoint reconnaissance results of his mission proved guidance for strikes with the results that a suspected hostile forces offensive was supressed before it coud be initiated.

The Bronze Star came as a result of his service as Operations Officer for Detachement 1 6250th Combat Support Group while his 7th Air Medal was also won as a combat crew member during extremely hazardous flights. 
O'Guin, Adam Benjamin Jr, Lt Col. (I01406)
89 Occupation in 1960: Driver O'Guin, Osby Nesbie Eugene (I03927)
90 Occupation in 1960: US Army
Headstone: MSG US ARMY, Vietnam 
O'Guinn, William Alvin (I01944)
91 Occupation: Dry goods merchant Walker, Robert Nathaniel (I01306)
92 Occupation: Evangelist Preacher O'Guin, Maud Mae (I00141)
93 Occupation: River boat captain Clark, Horace Hardy (I02676)
94 Occupation: School teacher Anderson, Willliam Franklin Jr (I02245)
95 Occupation: School teacher O'Guin, Harriette Jane nm (I01386)
96 Occupaton 1920: Railway Telegraph Operator
Occupation 1930: Railway Depot Manager 
Bader, Henry Martin Sr (I01555)
97 Officer O'Guinn was shot and killed while making a traffic stop. The suspects were later apprehended and convicted on second-degree murder. One was paroled in 1978 and the other in 1979. Officer O'Guinn had been with the agency for seven years and was survived by his wife and child. O'GUINN, Arthur D (I05307)
98 On 3/18/2014 4:09 PM, lloydandbecky tds.net wrote:
> I have talked with relatives of James D. Grice and Mary Grice his wife. The story is that the particular Grice Cemetery mentioned was located approximately 500 ft. behind Concord Church. Later, they did not remember the date, their remains were moved into the Concord Cemetery. I Checked the only listed Grice Cemetery for Humphreys County yesterday and took photos and created memorials for all that had markers. There were no markers in this cemetery for them. It is quite a distance from the Concord church. So, my memorial is correct for both of them since they were moved and are in the Concord Cemetery. If they are related I will be glad to turn management over to you. If not I think we should leave them in the Concord Cemetery where they are actually interred. If so I can make a note about the original Grice Cemetery location and that they were originally interred there and then moved into the Concord Cemetery. Let me know what you would like for me to do.  
Grice, James D (I09373)
99 Pfc US Army WW2 O'Guin, Rolley P (I01251)
100 Pfc USA WW2

SSN issued through the Railroad Board 
O'Guin, Ezra Barnard (I00964)

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