O'Guins, O'Gwins, O'Gwynns and O'Quins in Early America

Welcome to my O'Guin research!!! The O'Guins/O'Quinns have been in America from at least 1684, when Daniel Ogwin bought land in early North Carolina. A male cousin, and direct descendant of Hardy O'Guin, graciously donated a sample to Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas. The results were exciting! It seems we are descended from the Three Kings of Colla, who ruled in the ancient kingdom of Oriel in Monaghan and Fermanagh, abt. 306-360 CE. Please see Colla Uais from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also, please see Peters Pioneers for a unique Y-chromosome DNA study of names shared by men with names that descend from these brothers. Names: Biggins/Beggan, Boylan, Calkins/Colcan, Carroll, Connolly, Devine, Duffy, Hart, Higgins, Hughes, Kelly, Larkin, MacDougall, McAuley, McClain, McDonald, McGinnis, McGuire, McKenna, McMahon, Neal, Newell, Paden, Pate, Roberts, Roderick, etc. SNPs: L21, DF21. The most unique marker is the Null at 425=0

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